Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lair- Concept Art development

These are thumbnails to show the development of my secret lair, I still need to work out the perspective of the Hero prop as it doesn't stands properly on the steps. The next step is putting the generator, wires, matte painting in the background, lights in the ceiling and deciding about the colours of the set.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lair-Thumbnail

After deciding about the camera angle of the secret lair, I have came up with this thumbnail, which I will be improving to get the right perspective, as I feel it's not right.

Unit2: Hero Prop Final

Here is the development of my Hero Prop design as well as the final, I will still be able to change the colour of it depend on the lair lighting.
Getting that metal look was quite tricky, but could be seen.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lair

After deciding about the layout, I have decided about the most interesting camera angle which would show( Generators, Hero Prop and matte painting).

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Unit2: Secret lair

Secret Lair Layout

I have decided to create layouts view for the secret lair to come up with an interesting space which includes the hero prop, window( matte painting), generators and maybe a table.
From these layouts, I find number3 interesting in terms of having the Hero prop up in a higher level from the ground( 2~3 stairs).
I personally think number 1 is very interesting and more successful in terms of space. The next step is to decide about the camera angle which I can already visualise in my head.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lair- Hero Prop

Following my OGR feedback from Phil, I am encouraged to carry on working on my new Hero prop design which looks more futuristic and relevant to my secret lair and character story as the previous one looked generic and simple.

I have came up with some chairs design for my machine thanks to Photoshop Phil help and advice.
The next step in finalising the hero prop silhouette and starting to give it colours and texture.

CG Artist’s Toolkit: Life drawing Week9

During this session we had to model instead of having models, it was challenging in terms of getting the shape of body as the classmates have clothes on .
 We had to draw the classmate from memory after looking at him for about 1 minute which could be seen in number: 3 and 6

 and then we had to focus the drawing on the faces which I need to develop and use bigger scale.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Thumbnails- Hero Prop

After a chat with my creative partner Jake, I had some really useful feedback about my hero prop that gave me a clear idea about what my machine would look like.

My character would sit in the machine and put his hands in the handles and his dress starts to charge but now it changed, I replaced the handles by two needles that inject into his neck to charge the suit as well as a kind of an electric helmet in the shape of a lamp shade that allows electric wave into his head.

Thumbnail for my new idea

 Started by blocking out
I have modified the support of the needles because the perspective was wrong as they were standing in the foreground.

I added highlights/ glow effects on the machine and I have been changing the background colour while working on the machine to understand the colours I am using for my machine

Wires, as the machine absorbs power from a generator.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Thumbnails

These are my thumbnails for my secret lair and hero prop which is gonna be a machine that charges my character's transparent dress, I wanna give the lair a futuristic look as the technology is dominating and the city is ruled by robots.

I looked into futuristic tables shapes and designed some generators that will give electric power to the Hero Prop.

Concerning the Hero Prop, I am still working on the machine which contains a chair and wires linked to the generator as it absorbs electricity from it.

As for the lair, I have chosen an angle so that the viewer could see the whole room( hero prop, table, generators and hanging wires, wires pipes) and the window in which you will be able to see the matte painting( sky, wind turbines and electric grids).

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Unit2: CG Artist’s Toolkit -Photoshop( week8)

I have learnt very interesting techniques such as repeating a texture of a quarter image of tiles (1), using layers/ masks to create effects (2) as well as changing the Channels options(3).










CG Artist’s Toolkit: Life drawing Week8

During this lesson we had some freedom, so I have thought about experimenting with different materials( Ink, coloured pencils, charcoal)

Unit2: CG Artist’s Toolkit: Photoshop( week7)

During this photoshop lesson I have tried to translate my project's keywords, I was excited about making electric effects, glow effects using different technique( Airbrush, lasso tool and outer glow) I have also started working on my initial matte painting idea.