Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Minor Project: Research

Richard Hamilton is a broadcast journalist for the BBC. He has traveled to Morocco in 2006 to complete an assignment for the BBC which soon turned into a fascination and obsession. 

His book "The last storytellers: Tales from the heart of Morocco' emphasises the importance of storytelling throughout mankind's history in terms of conveying ideas, morals and a way of entertainment and escapism. Gestures and expressions are just as important in order to capture people's imagination.

Storytelling in Morocco is believed to have appeared well before the Arab invasion. It was a necessity in the Berbers daily life and a religious ritual which was used to inform other tribes of the different other regions.

Before being founded by the Almoravid, Marrakech was an oasis in the desert, in which travellers from around the maghreb used to stop for water, shelter and exchange stories making it a very important crossroad which soon became a market in the name of Jemaa el Fna. 

The storytelling in the market is called Halka, which means a circle or ring formed by people and at the centre is the performer (Hlayki). The story was then told by old men whose styles differ from deep voice, softly spoken to theatrical and shouty.

However this form of communication and expression is dying out due to the new forms of entertainment such as internet.

This project will be at the same time, personal, in a way to recreate some of the memories through adapting Richard's experience as well as paying tribute to these magical human beings who have, through patience and commitment, succeeded to entertain, discipline and unify humanity in many ways.

Reading the book and further researching allowed me to have a better understanding of context.
The next step would be locating the important passages of the book in order to create a storyboard/animatic.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Minor Project:Idea

For the minor project, I will adapt Richard Hamilton's experience during his visit to Morocco in 2006 using his book in which he gathered tales from storytellers in Marrakech.
It will be a year long project and adapted into an animated short.
Ever since I remember being around the table with family, in the street with friends or having met strangers during holidays, I have been influenced by the moral the rich tales carry. 
I believe this will be a great opportunity to recreate what was once a thought into an experience.

Purpose: I will seize this opportunity to improve my skills in both 2D and 3D, more specifically focusing on Experimental Drawing/Painting and Animation.

Minor project outcome: Environment + Character ready to animate.

After reading the book I will be posting a more refined idea in the form of research, concepts and animatic as well as style influence.