Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Character Design- Comparison Sheet

Character Design: Villain Progress

After getting some feedback from Justin on my Villain's Silhouettes, I was told that I needed to sort out the legs to support the weight of the creature when it's standing, however I found it difficult to find something appropriate.

This is the silhouette I chose and that I have to develop: ( any suggestions? )

I went on to develop the face of the villain, I drew a few designs of the eyes and mouth shapes keeping the villainy look, means using pointy shapes:

Here I have mixed the eyes designs with the mouth designs:

It wasn't satisfied with the look of the previous designs, so I tried mixing my designs to come up with even more interesting shapes. I quiet like number 1.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Character Design: Sidekick

This is my first post about my sidekick as I have been thinking about having one who is cheeky, and looking stupid and funny, he will be some sort of sea creature that his dad befriended before he died, so it's very close to the Hero and knows all the family secrets etc

He is cheeky in a way that he wants to steal the magical thing to have power as he always dreams about being big and fly high.
I have also done a few drawings of him trying to fly :D..

Design wise, I am not quite sure yet if it will suit the style i am going for, as he is too cartoony/simplistic, I will think about giving him more details so he fits with everything else.

Character Design: Hero Progress

Right, so after getting some feedback from Justin, I decided to give the Hero some long hair as the haircut he had looked a bit off, it didn't suit him. 
I chose number 3 for him as it's not too short or too long and I will be giving him a bandana which will only be around his forehead and not the whole head.

I have played around with shapes trying to figure out his body shape, large shoulders to show his strength.

and Some dynamic poses to get familiar with his body shape.

A turnaround for the character, I didn't leave enough space for the head, ( I usually have a problem with space!) so the head looks a bit squashed, I think I ll have to go to it and fix some stuff, but overall that's the body shape.
I haven't included the head in the side view as I am still trying to figure out how I am gonna draw his head in different perspectives.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Character Design- Week7

During today's lesson, we talked about environments and how they can influence our emotions depending on the shapes, colours and camera angles, as well as how much they can tell about the character if it's their lair.

We were asked to produce a landscape on the word given and Character. Mine was Stone Age with Crime fighter as a character.
I thought of him as a person who's got developed tools and a secret lair underground that leads to other lairs..
Really enjoyed this exercise

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Narrative: Character Ready to Skin/Rig

We decided on using the ribbon spine as our character will have to dance in the last scene, it is the best option to have more freedom in animating him.
With the Skeleton done for our character, it is ready to be skinned now.

Narrative: Props Progress: Ipod/Walkman

Still need to add the earphones for the Ipod and the wire for the Walkman, as well as texturing them.



Narrative: Train: Modeling/UV

I will post the textured scene as soon as I finish the textures.

Narrative: 1980s-Modeling/UV/Texturing

Character Design: Week6

This session was about silhouettes and how important they are in terms of designing a memorable character, the silhouette alone should tell the audience what the character is doing, basically it should tell as much as possible about the character.

these are some quick poses I have done during the lesson break

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Character Design: Hero- Head shapes/Expression sheet

So I decided to play around with some shapes and trying to figure out what would suit my Hero (mid-twenties), strong but not too big.

I then chose to mix number 14 and 15, the rectangular/strong jaws (in n14) that represents strength and the roundness of the chin in 15 which will express softness/friendliness of the character.

Below is a sheet of very rough sketches, trying to combine 14 and 15:

Below is the sheet I developed for the one with the red arrow, however I am not too sure about the hairstyle, I feel like the first haircut in the top image ( Sketch version) worked better, as It made him look older (mid-20s). I believe the head shape works as well as the pointy eyebrows and eyes which adds to his boldness/fearlessness.