Thursday, 15 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Thumbnails

These are my thumbnails for my secret lair and hero prop which is gonna be a machine that charges my character's transparent dress, I wanna give the lair a futuristic look as the technology is dominating and the city is ruled by robots.

I looked into futuristic tables shapes and designed some generators that will give electric power to the Hero Prop.

Concerning the Hero Prop, I am still working on the machine which contains a chair and wires linked to the generator as it absorbs electricity from it.

As for the lair, I have chosen an angle so that the viewer could see the whole room( hero prop, table, generators and hanging wires, wires pipes) and the window in which you will be able to see the matte painting( sky, wind turbines and electric grids).


  1. Thumbnail 3 is my favorite table, and in my opinion has the most 'futuristic' appearance :)

    However, I think that these tables seem a bit modern rather than the furniture of the future. Maybe tweak the designs and re-think some aspects of its practicality? For example; perhaps involving retractable furniture or things built in the walls? What I mean by retractable is 'fold-away' items. I believe there is a nice example of this in Tron? :D I think this could also fit in nice with the 'Secret Agent' part.

    I spoke earlier with you about the hero prop, the idea is nice and it will be nice seeing your developments :)

  2. Hey Anass - let's see some innovative use of silhouettes on here - of collage - of 'play'...

    Take these images (see link) into Photoshop - turn them into silhouettes - and then combine them/mirror them/layer them - whatever - anything to stop you drawing cubes and to give your imagination a bit more to get on with...

    Once you've got some interesting shapes, draw into them to resolve their surfaces etc. Take a look at these two short tutorials from Feng Zhu for reference and inspiration...