Friday, 21 December 2012

Speed Painting Practise

Today I have decided to choose post apocalyptic city as a theme.

5minutes on each except from the last one in which I have decided to do something different, using a picture and painting over it (10min).

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Speed Painting Practise

I thought it's time to go back to speed painting after a few busy days with family.
Spent 5minutes on each.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Presentation

Crit Presentation

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Creative Partnership

Creative Partnership

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Character Bible

I am reposting this as the previous research wasn't a Scribd document.

Character Bible

Unit2: Film Review- The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover (1989)

The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover (1989)

Unit2: Film Review- The Shining 1980

The shining (1980)

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Final scene + Set Pipeline

Final scene


Untextured Model

UV Maps

Texture Maps

Textured Model

Unlighted Scene

Light Test

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Final Concept Art

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Orthographic drawings

Secret Lair




Hero Prop




Thursday, 13 December 2012

CG Artist’s Toolkit: Life drawing week12

Quick poses

This was very interesting, we had to draw the model while she is doing a walk cycle, a minimum of lines to catch the essence of the pose.

10min pose, but as the pose was tricky in terms of perspective, I kept practising and trying to get it right.

Experimenting with different colours

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Matte Painting

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Influence Maps

I am reposting the influence maps as they had a different title.

Character Influence map:

Lair Influence Map

Matte painting Influence Map:

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Disc Artwork

Case Cover