Monday, 28 October 2013

Character Design: Week3

During this class, we were asked to create a character from an object in a specific interior. I was given a bedroom, So I listed all the things in a bedroom I could think of. I chose the plug and went to develop it further by trying to find faces on it.

The 2nd task was about bringing a functional object and turning it into a character by getting influence from a character. 

This is my object:

My Character for reference is the Joker, So i started with tracing the shapes the character is made of so I can translate them into my own character:

We can see it's mainly triangles which are relevant to a villain character, so I drew my character using triangles and elements from the Joker:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Narrative: Rough Storyboard

This is a storyboard me and my group worked on to decide the shots and angles we need for the concepts and for the final storyboard.
It was my main reference to develop the environments/concepts ( Train scene + 1980's room) which could be seen from number 1 to 10.

Narrative: Designing the Posters

These are the posters I have designed for the 1980's room, which I will be soon adding to the Final Concepts.

Narrative: 1980's room

These are the developments for the 1980's room.

Final Concepts:

I will soon post the updated concepts as I have added more posters on the wall.

Narrative: Train Scene

Concerning the environment, we split up the work between me and Kym, I did the first two scenes ( Train environment and 1980's room) 

These show the development of the Train Concept:

 Final Concepts

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Character Design: Week2

During this session, we have talked about how shapes can affect the character in terms of his personality, for instance, circle and round shapes evoke softness and friendliness thanks to their soft roundness, Rectangular shapes communicate balance and strength and Triangular shapes refer to aggressiveness and danger due to their sharp points.

I believe this play a very important role on the human's mind and is very important in order to create interesting and successful characters.

I was given a character ( villain) and had to identify the shapes used and then change them in order to make him look less villain/ friendlier.
We notice the shapes used are mainly triangles which refer to aggressiveness.

I changed these shapes to more round and softened the edges and the pointy curves to obtain this:

For this exercise below, we were asked to choose a character we like and simplify it if it looks very realistic or make look realistic if it's simple.
The Character I used below is between simple and realistic. 

I drew him first then chose to simplify him.

This was a very useful lesson and will help me when designing my characters in the future.

Character Design: Research

Concerning our 10week Character project, we were asked to develop three characters (Hero, Villain and Sidekick) based on 2 subjects and a theme. 
My 2 subjects are Fantasy and Pirate and Mystery as a theme.

This combination sounds really exciting to me, however I am trying to find an interesting way of combining them and visualising them. I went to do a quick research about the definitions of each word which then will broaden my vision about it.

Fantasy: Something that contains imagination unrestricted by reality, fiction with a lot of imagination, Supernatural elements or unrealistic events that people believe to be false.
It can be characterized by its style, which is representational and naturalistic rather than abstract.
It is also called visionary art, grotesque art or mannerist art. Moreover it is deeply interactive with fantasy literature.

Mystery: Something that is not fully understood, which contains a work of fiction or dealing with obscure and secret.

Pirate: Someone who robs at sea without commission from a sovereign nation, or makes use of or reproduces the work of someone else without legal right or authorisation.
The term can be applied to acts committed in the air, land or on a shore.

Mystery-fiction: The terms focuses on supernatural or thriller mystery in which the solution does not have to be logical or even no crime is involved.


Film Influence: These films show a good example of my three subjects, however I wanna move away from Pirate in the sea to something less generic.