Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Unit2: Space and Environment- Secret Lairs: Theme

When i was given the Secret Lair theme 'Secret Agent ', I was very happy, as I really enjoy finding out about undercover stories, their character, lifestyle and so on.

After picking up the second paper, my theme was about the Electrical Secret Agent, then " Electric City" popped into my head, an animated post-apocalyptic science fiction web series created by Tom Hanks, in which mankind's main job is to produce electric power.

I will soon upload a detailed research talking about my main influences( animations, title sequences and photos).

Friday, 26 October 2012

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Concepts

 These are my Final Concepts from The Red Room and The Magic Shop:

Concept1- The Red Room (Interior)

 Concept2- The Magic Shop

Concept3- The Red Room (Corridor)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Crit Presentation

Crit Presentation

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Submission Disc Artwork

This is the image for my disc cover, I have chosen this thumbnail because the colour used relate to the Magic Shop story and the set to the Red Room story.



Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Creative Partnership Archive

Creative Partnership Archive

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Definitive Influence maps

I am uploading my definitive influence maps, they are different from the previous ones obviously, as my ideas changed during the development of my Concepts.

The Red Room

The Magic Shop

The Red Room

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Research into source material

RESEARCH Into Source Material

CG Artist's toolkit: Photoshop Week4

During this lesson I have tried to work on the perspective for both my concepts( from the story the Red Room)

Concerning the first concept, I wasn't quite sure about how to position the bed and look from the bottom

Phil suggested to add lines to show the depth of the corridor, as it looked "limited" before.

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Thumbnails (The Magic Shop)

Another development of my Concept from The Magic Shop, used another layer to give it more depth.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Thumbnails (The Magic Shop)

I have done a further development on my Concept from the Magic Shop as the perspective looked a bit strange, especially the table and the vase.

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Thumbnails (The Magic Shop)

My Concept for the Magic Shop story in development, still working on the effects and lighting.

CG Artist’s Toolkit: Life drawing Week 5

1min poses are my favourite, as they evoke some energy and show dynamism.

During this lesson, we were told to draw in perspective and consider foreshortening which is the optical illusion that makes the object look smaller than it normal is because of the angle the viewer uses.

CG Artist’s Toolkit: Life drawing Week 4

Below are quick poses (1min)

This one is about considering shading by covering the sheet with charcoal and using a rubber. We started it during the week3 lesson and finished it the following week (4). It was a really good practise, I am quite happy with it, as I have never done proper shading before.

Film Review: Alien (1979)


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Thumbnails

Thumbnails for my 2nd scene from The Red Room, I still need to work on details of the lamp to make it stand out more as well as the unfinished door, I will try putting red victorian paper as well as floor tiles and see what it gives.

This one is from the first scene, inside the room, I worked on the perspective, to show that the camera is looking through the bed and up with someone holding the candle. I hope it works.

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Thumbnails

These are thumbnails of my composition The Magic Shop, I included the objects and worked on the set of the scene.

I have downloaded different brushes on Photoshop that will help me use effects for my scene.

This is the perspective I have came up with for my scene, tried to use layering, make the table stand out and scaled down some objects to show some depth, not really there, but will keep working on it.