Monday, 30 March 2015

Post Nude 2015

Postcard-sized nude life drawings for an exhibition at the Horsebridge Center in Whitstable:

Major project: Beggar Scarf Ncloth

Concerning the scarf, I have decided to make it dynamic for a more realistic look. So after making the scarf from a duplicate of the torso, I have weighted parts of the scarf that don't need to be dynamic to the torso and painted the dynamic parts. However I have realised that the additional planes of the scarf don't follow the dynamic cloth, so Alan suggested applying a cluster to the additional planes with vertices from the scarf, which was successful.

Major Project: Beggar Prop

After gathering a few reference images for the cane's design, I have done a few design developments for the beggar's prop bearing in mind the expressionistic style. I have tried not to exaggerate the design too much to keep it consistent with the beggar's design.

When taking it into maya, I have mixed parts of the designs that stood out more and used the 1point cv curve in order to get sharp edge rather than round ones and then extruded a plane along the along and played around with the offset to get the right thickness.
I am also thinking of having the additional planes to the cane in order to achieve the straight lines in the 2d drawings.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Major project: Beggar progress

I have been thinking about using toonshader in order to translate the 2d look into 3d, there seems to be a few problems when animating the 3d character, so I decided to use planes around the character and use transparency when texturing them.
I started by extruding the edge from a duplicate of the original mesh, then separating it and point snapping to the exact point from where it was extracted. This allowed me to copy the exact skin values to the plane from the original mesh vertex in order to have a similar movement to the original geometry.


Major project: Beggar progress

Just a quick update on what I have been up to. Having completed the rigging for the beggar character, I have realised that his top was penetrating the lower body. After attempting to turn the torso geometry into a dynamic cloth, it was suggested by Alan to set up controls for it instead which will be less memory consuming and more accurate.
After creating joints around the torso, I have weighted them to the torso and created a control for each one of them as well as one master control.