Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lair- Concept Art development

These are thumbnails to show the development of my secret lair, I still need to work out the perspective of the Hero prop as it doesn't stands properly on the steps. The next step is putting the generator, wires, matte painting in the background, lights in the ceiling and deciding about the colours of the set.


  1. Hey Anass - I REALLY like the detailing on the 'cabinet' on the left, but I can't help thinking that your space is needlessly 'empty' - why not think about using that lovely 'glowing circuitry' more bolding in your space - make it bigger, taller - make more of everything. I also think that having some thin glowing wires hanging in loops from the ceiling in the immediate foreground would help this space feel more spatial - and how about cables snaking across the floor and feeding into the base of the hero prop. I just think you need a bit more flair and showmanship in here, Anass - get your 'glow' on! :)

    1. Hello Phil, That's exactly what I am thinking of as this is not the final piece obviously, I just thought about posting the development as I am working on it to get as much feedback as possible and to make sure I am on the right way, thank you very much for your comment