Friday, 16 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Thumbnails- Hero Prop

After a chat with my creative partner Jake, I had some really useful feedback about my hero prop that gave me a clear idea about what my machine would look like.

My character would sit in the machine and put his hands in the handles and his dress starts to charge but now it changed, I replaced the handles by two needles that inject into his neck to charge the suit as well as a kind of an electric helmet in the shape of a lamp shade that allows electric wave into his head.

Thumbnail for my new idea

 Started by blocking out
I have modified the support of the needles because the perspective was wrong as they were standing in the foreground.

I added highlights/ glow effects on the machine and I have been changing the background colour while working on the machine to understand the colours I am using for my machine

Wires, as the machine absorbs power from a generator.

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  1. OGR 18/11/2012

    Hey Anass,

    Okay - I'm responding on here to the PDF OGR you sent me via email. You're not ready - but I think this is because you're just now beginning to feel the possibilities of 'design' in relation to this project. You started thinking very conventionally about your lair - worrying about tables etc. - and arguably missing out on all the really juicy stuff. Certainly, much of my feedback - verbal/written - has concerned itself with opening your thinking out and getting you to deal with what is more speculative about your character and his lair. I'm very encouraged by the latest iteration of the hero prop you included in the OGR - you're using silhouettes - and Photoshop in a 'building of thumbnails' way - and this new prop design is a big improvement on your rather more 'wobbly' and generic design for the power chair. This is why I'm pushing you towards using real world objects, silhouettes and Photoshop in this creative way, because I think, at this stage, your own drawing is inhibiting your ability to imagine stuff effectively. Obviously, yes, keep improving your drawing, but when it comes to working up ideas for things and spaces fast, get used to the idea of seeing real objects as 'building blocks' for your imagination. It stops students from drawing and thinking generically. I notice too from your thumbnails of the lair more generally, that you're still pushing everything hard against the wall and worrying, I guess, about perspective; but remember all the advice re. the Red Room. I also suggest that you consider creating floor plans before you start worrying about perspective; take a look at these by George - I know he found them really helpful in then imagining his space in perspective:

    So - the good news is that your hero prop is beginning to feel imaginative and exciting - and I'm going to push you to take those techniques and process into thinking about your lair more generally - and yes, we can have a chat tomorrow.