Friday, 6 February 2015

Major Project: Animatic.v1

          This a very rough animatic using the storyboard I have posted before. Though It still needs sounds and maybe voiceover it's  just to have a quick idea of what will be happening in terms of shots, discontinuity and timing. I will be working on it as I am finalising the characters concepts and the Beggar's model.


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Major Project: Beggar 2D walk-cycle

Major Project: Storyboard.v1

As I mentioned before, the beggar will be sort of the lead and will represent the audience in a way, his absence in a few panels serves as a way to show that we are lost in the experience as well. Although, I have to include a shot of him at the end.

Major Project: Project Proposal

A 2-3minutes animated short about my personal experience in Jemaa El fna in Marrakech, Morocco.
The animation will be led by the beggar, who represents us.
The environment will be minimal as a metaphor for the loss/fading of memories, which results in forgetting details of the market. The use of expressionism will be present to emphasise the personality of each character. Discontinuity editing will be used to evoke a sense of busyness and disorientation.
Slow-motion will be used in certain shots as a way to give a dream-like experience in which time seems to expand.
Concerning the outcome, the blog will show evidence of fully rigged/skinned character, 3d environment and 2d animated characters. All assets will be composited and edited.
Some of the technical difficulties include:
-Character toonshader texturing

-2d animated displacement maps