Saturday, 10 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Secret Lair

Secret Lair Short Statement:

The habitants of the Electric City rely on creating robots  and using them in different fields of the society but as the technology used was very high, the robots are in no doubt very smart and refused the fact that they are being controlled by humans and started a war which led to the end of the human civilisation and a nuclear shockwave that caught the earth's habitants attention and made them curious to find out what happened.

After traveling to the electric city to find out what caused the explosion, the travellers got killed by the robots and the earth's intelligence centre decided to send a secret agent for a mission. 

The secret lair is a room which contains all the necessary equipments the secret agent will need throughout his mission. it's mainly electrical materials, such as a machine that he uses to charge his dress which turns transparent (if it runs out of electricity) and this obviously leads to revealed identity. The room will include electricity generators, electric materials, wires and other electric equipments which I believe will be useful to the agent throughout his mission.

The machine he uses requires a lot of electric energy and therefore causes a power cut across the city and draws the robots attention.

A window is located in the back of the room, showing the outside of the city( electric grid, wind turbines, sky) to show that the city relies on producing electric energy and that it is the most important and main energy. The sky will be quite dull to give the impression that the city has been subject to war and massacre and is being dominated and that it's cruel actions, the outside elements( wind turbines, electric grids) will look quite futuristic as the city is developed.

The secret lair will have some glow effects/ glow lighting which results from the different electric equipments and this lighting will make the indoor stands out from the outside.

Concerning the secret lair space I am thinking of using small scale which I believe represents security, safety and discreetness which reflect the secret agent's personality.

Influence Map:

These are some pictures that I believe will help me decide about the secret lair's items which will contain electric items, wires and power generators. More research will be posted about the agent's items.

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