Thursday, 22 November 2012

Unit2: Secret lair

Secret Lair Layout

I have decided to create layouts view for the secret lair to come up with an interesting space which includes the hero prop, window( matte painting), generators and maybe a table.
From these layouts, I find number3 interesting in terms of having the Hero prop up in a higher level from the ground( 2~3 stairs).
I personally think number 1 is very interesting and more successful in terms of space. The next step is to decide about the camera angle which I can already visualise in my head.


  1. These are pretty interesting layouts, 3 and 1 do stand out to me too, and like you said; right now you just have to decide on a camera angle that'll sell your space as a cinematic one

  2. Numbers 1 and 4 looks really interesting to me! :D

  3. I really like number 1 it just appears like it could be a very interesting space