Sunday, 11 November 2012

Unit2: Secret Lairs- Effects/Lighting

Interior Lighting/effects:

The secret lair will have some glow effects/ glow lighting which results from the different electric equipments and this lighting will make the indoor stands out from the outside.

Influence Map:

The top image is what I want my interior to look like, a 'glowy' light which shows that the interior is safe and makes the secret lair stands out from the gloomy exterior/matte painting.

The second image will help me in terms of getting the lighting effect for my Hero Prop( the machine the secret agent uses to charge his dress) that happens while absorbing electricity.

Long Exposure photography:

I have experimented with some long exposure photography which I believe will help me get an idea about the effects/lighting style( thickness, colours, shape..) for my secret lair:


  1. wow, Anass - you created those images? Fab! I LOVE the idea of you combining these images with your set somehow - you could 'colour' pick from them simply to design your colour palette (for example). Anyway - really exciting to see this on here - great stuff! Onwards!

  2. These are great photo references! I think all your images have bold colour, which is an element that you should keep throughout your design with could also assist you in developing a nice style. The last image is my favorite as I think that the 'straight lines' are more effective and visually pleasing :D