Monday, 8 October 2012

Space and Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Influence maps

These are my influence maps for my two stories which will help me develop my ideas and thumbnails to decide about the final pieces.
 The first two maps show the architecture of London around 1903 and some magic shops interior images, furthermore I found some digital paintings done by artists whose final pieces are titled "Magic Shop", this will definitely help me get inspiration for my final pieces about the story "The Magic Shop".

Concerning the second two maps, they are about my second story The Red Room and it clearly shows some Victorian decor images as the story was during the Victorian era and contained some descriptions about Victorian decor. The story took place in a French Castle called Lorraine, then I soon found out that Lorraine is a region that contains different castles, so I included an image of a castle in that region.

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  1. Hey Anass - I love all those images of the many cabinets; have a look at 'wunderkammers' or cabinets of curiosity as another element/style to fold into your magic shop design. I want you to feel emboldened in terms of enriching these spaces, adding in elements perhaps not described, but which earn their place in your world due to your understanding of the source material and its influences etc (And the detective work re. The Red Room and the castle is inspired and is EXACTLY the kind of lateral thinking that sits at the heart of effective production design. Gustave Dore also did some celebrated images of London, which, while a little early in terms of time period, might help you further in terms of composition: