Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Lighting experiment

I have taken a few photos of my corridor and tried to experiment with lighting colours on photoshop and keep it related to the Red Room story mood.

Original Photo:

Re-touched photos:

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  1. Hey Anass :)

    Good to see you diversifying in terms of methods for visualising your spaces. I still think you might need to think a bit more 'theatrically' about creating your spaces - i.e. loosening up a bit, because it looks to me as if you're worrying a bit about perspective etc. and perhaps not thinking expansively enough about these spaces; yes, your interiors are enclosed and 'inside', but I want you to get a bit of space and depth and layering into your thumbnails. I've shown this animation to Katy - who is also doing the Magic Shop and The Red Room - because it creates its spaces in a much more illustrative way - less detail, more atmosphere: check out this adaptation of Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart - and pay particular attention to use of silhouettes and foreground elements to create a sense of layers and space: