Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces- Thumbnails

These are thumbnails in which I have included objects I will use in my scene The Red Room. I have done research about victorian chandeliers and curtains,  distorted doors and windows as well as candles drawings.

I was working on the second scene of my composition The Red Room, trying to fill in the space in the composition by putting more information as the corridor is a bit tricky, I will be including a shining lamp on the right side, a window is middle where the moonlight will be coming out from and the Red Room door half open allowing a red light on the corridor floor:


  1. Hey Anass, these are looking good. The window shapes are looking good, but I think mostly they follow the shapes of the walls? With the angled halls and windows maybe this might help:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_2l9uvOOUH2E/TOmPjjgvLmI/AAAAAAAAADs/b0_orvTo5lw/s1600/billandted5.jpg

    Oh and also The Shining for its simple-but-creepy hallways: http://media32.podbean.com/pb/1294b00466986982e4cea52ee8c93bc2/507df268/blogs32/243688/uploads/the-shining-poster.jpg

    If I remember from your red room excerpts, it mentioned mirrors? Mirrors can help you create more illusions and reflections if placed in right angles. Don't be afraid to add more things, with low lighting it can help add in the mood.:D

    1. Ah thank you Joey, these are very helpful, especially the first link