Monday, 1 October 2012

CG Artist's Toolkit: Photshop (week1)

This lesson was very interesting, I really enjoyed it. We went through the basis of digital painting on photoshop( using Photoshop interface, shortcuts, different brushes and applying textures on the painting.
The idea of painting without using outline gives pretty nice results.

I have tried to express some of the descriptive information I have gathered from my two stories into digital painting, it is just my first attempt though.

I tried to express a look of magic, fantasy and mystery which is relevant to my story titled The Magic Shop, considering light colours and smooth brushes in a limited time.
 One my second painting, there is a touch of horror, fear and darkness using clouds, old trees and dark colours.

I will keep practising on my thumbnails using the descriptive information from my stories to improve my digital painting and produce final pieces for my project.


  1. yes - I like that bottom image, Anass - very 'doomy' :)

  2. Agreed!! I also really like the second and the first image especially the flowery- like waterfall. Good stuff!! ;D