Sunday, 3 November 2013

Character Design- Idea

Right, so after a week of research and thought about my idea, trying to stay away from the generic pirates and mixing it with mystery and fantasy, I have finally came up with a satisfying and exciting idea for my characters.

After a talk with Phil and a very useful tip, I kept asking myself many questions about the world which will then help me decide about my characters.
The idea of having a world within a world is really interesting and adds some sort of tension and surprise..
The world of Fantasy rises up from underneath earth, an attractive/charming world full of magic but deceiving as its creatures are very vicious and poisonous.
I chose my character to be a pirate in land, living in a small village in which everyone is known and defending each other.

So my idea is about a man/pirate who, during an adventure, found some sort of magical diamond and gave it to his son before his death. After a few years, his son took his dad's place and kept stealing on land to survive and help his village.
The gift from his father gave him some supernatural powers he never thought would exist, It allowed him to travel long distances quickly and remain undercover and this helped him in terms of stealing lots of stuff and making his village very rich.
However, something very strange happened one night, a world has risen from the bottom and flying jellyfishes attacked the village realising the magical item is missing which gives them power (a source of magic for them).
The tension rises when the Hero doesn't give up the diamond which gives him power to satisfy his needs and the Jellyfish needs it to keep the magical world running.

Will his greed cause his village to be destroyed? or will he fight the jellyfish until the magical world disappear ? One thing is sure, the diamond can't be shared.

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