Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Character Design: Hero- Head shapes/Expression sheet

So I decided to play around with some shapes and trying to figure out what would suit my Hero (mid-twenties), strong but not too big.

I then chose to mix number 14 and 15, the rectangular/strong jaws (in n14) that represents strength and the roundness of the chin in 15 which will express softness/friendliness of the character.

Below is a sheet of very rough sketches, trying to combine 14 and 15:

Below is the sheet I developed for the one with the red arrow, however I am not too sure about the hairstyle, I feel like the first haircut in the top image ( Sketch version) worked better, as It made him look older (mid-20s). I believe the head shape works as well as the pointy eyebrows and eyes which adds to his boldness/fearlessness.

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