Monday, 25 November 2013

Character Design: Hero Progress

Right, so after getting some feedback from Justin, I decided to give the Hero some long hair as the haircut he had looked a bit off, it didn't suit him. 
I chose number 3 for him as it's not too short or too long and I will be giving him a bandana which will only be around his forehead and not the whole head.

I have played around with shapes trying to figure out his body shape, large shoulders to show his strength.

and Some dynamic poses to get familiar with his body shape.

A turnaround for the character, I didn't leave enough space for the head, ( I usually have a problem with space!) so the head looks a bit squashed, I think I ll have to go to it and fix some stuff, but overall that's the body shape.
I haven't included the head in the side view as I am still trying to figure out how I am gonna draw his head in different perspectives.

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