Monday, 14 October 2013

Narrative: Influences and Initial sketches/Concepts

These are some influence maps about the different eras of our story to help us get an idea about our art direction. At this stage we are still trying to find our way around the different art directions we are using.
I have also done a quick sketches and experimented with ink and water colours as well as adding some grunge layers to get that expressionistic mark making touch which we are going for.

Style to use for the 21st Century Era: Some sort of grunge texture, expressionistic.

Style to use for the 1980's era: Bright colours.

Style to use for the 1930's-1940's era: Art deco This style if often characterised by rich colours and bold geometric shapes. 

Style to use for late 19th Century: We were thinking of some sort of graphic novel style, line art and mark making touch to it.

Initial sketches and concepts 

Next step is to produce concepts and a detailed storyboard enough to visualise our chosen art direction in order to make sure the styles fit and the transitions between the eras work properly.

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