Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Character Design: Week2

During this session, we have talked about how shapes can affect the character in terms of his personality, for instance, circle and round shapes evoke softness and friendliness thanks to their soft roundness, Rectangular shapes communicate balance and strength and Triangular shapes refer to aggressiveness and danger due to their sharp points.

I believe this play a very important role on the human's mind and is very important in order to create interesting and successful characters.

I was given a character ( villain) and had to identify the shapes used and then change them in order to make him look less villain/ friendlier.
We notice the shapes used are mainly triangles which refer to aggressiveness.

I changed these shapes to more round and softened the edges and the pointy curves to obtain this:

For this exercise below, we were asked to choose a character we like and simplify it if it looks very realistic or make look realistic if it's simple.
The Character I used below is between simple and realistic. 

I drew him first then chose to simplify him.

This was a very useful lesson and will help me when designing my characters in the future.

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