Thursday, 10 October 2013

Narrative: Initial Ideas

Concerning the narrative ideas, I have watched a documentary about the Industrial revolution which has helped me a lot to broaden my knowledge about this subject. 

Idea 1.

The character is a man who is affected by the revolution, lost his job because of the machines that took over.
He started the Luddites movement which used to meet at night and start destroying machines and inventions.
The man realises the machine brought some positive changes to his life, such as taking the train to visit his family. Furthermore, he realises the movement spread across the country and arrived where his wife and kids are working, this resulted in the death of his family, leaving him miles away from their bodies.

Idea 2.

The Age of Enlightenment which was a cultural movement of intellectuals which resulted in founding the Lunar society in which philosophers, intellectuals, thinkers and industrialists met to discuss ideas and inventions. They used to meet in Soho House,Matthew Boulton's house, the Steam engine inventor,every month during the full moon, because the extra light made their their journey safer and easier.
The Luddites movement members used to meet at night as well, and one of the members took revenge of the leader of the Lunar society.when the leader left the meeting heading to the manufactury he was killed by the luddite hoping it will change something about the unemployability.

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