Monday, 4 February 2013

Unit3: From Script to Screen- Updated Script

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  1. Hey Anass :)

    I just don't think you need that first pov scene with all the stuff being thrown about... it doesn't really make sense anymore. I think you should consider using Act 1 to suggest that this guy is being 'haunted' a lot, and that it starts in a mild way. So, we see him getting ready for bed one night; he hears a scream in the night; we see him in bed another night; he hears a strange hissing sound (gas) more screams etc. Act 2 is the climax of the haunting (as you've written) and Act 3 is the reveal. Also - it doesn't make sense to me that he should keep matches and a candle in his wardrobe... why aren't they beside his bed? (We don't need to be shown the Nazi insignia - just stage it so that we don't).