Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Unit3: From Script to Screen- Final Script


  1. Hey,
    I'm going to be really annoying right now and say how you're not describing the flashbacks enough. I understand the story, but I'm wondering what the flashbacks are of? :S
    It's a good story, though and I'm excited to see the outcome! :D

    1. Hey Victoria,

      ok so my Character is an executioner who used to work in the gaz chamber during the Holocaust. The Nazis used to pick Jewish people who are in a good health condition and make them work in the gaz chamber( Burn the corpses, throw the gaz in the chamber etc.. ) and my character used to be one of them, they call him a Sonderkommando, and Sonderkommandos are considered as Traitors, because they accept to do the work for an extra 4months of living and some more food compared to the other Jews.

      The flashbacks are pictures of the corpses he used to cremate ( His other Jew "Friends") and in the Animatic, there will be sounds of children, women and men who used to scream in the gaz chamber when they realise the Sonderkommandos are throwing the gaz. Hope this helps :)

    2. Hi,

      Yeah, much better! Excited to see how it turns out! :D