Thursday, 31 January 2013

Unit3: From Script to Screen- New Ideas

 Following my conversation with Phil and his feedback on my story, I am making changes concerning my character's backstory. I am gonna use history to make sure my Pre vis and Animatics successfully communicate the message. For instance, linking my character to the Holocaust period will automatically give the audience a fair amount of information.

Concerning the character, I was thinking of making my character look modest, physically and mentally exhausted and fatigued.

 I have thought of these characteristics after I have done a research on the Holocaust and found out that my character could be a SONDERKOMMANDOS. 

SONDERKOMMANDOS were jewish prisoners who were forced to work in a gas chamber and crematory. The Sonderkommandos received privileges and above-average treatment than their inmates. 

Despite the better conditions in which they lived, most were eventually gassed as they became weak and sick from the camp conditions. They can't refuse the tasks or resign other than by committing suicide. Their known duties were taking the prisoners to the gas chambers, lifting up external trapdoors to throw the gas because the Nazis would never have bothered doing it as it was heavy. 

They had to cut the hair and pull out the gold teeth, take the bodies to the crematorium ovens.
 The Sonderkommandos were picked for their youth and good health or they volunteer to survive longer, however the Nazis followed a policy which tends to eradicate all the Sonderkommandos after 4 months and replacing them with new arrivals because the nazis did not want the knowledge of what they have witnessed to reach the outside world. So when the Sonderkommandos were told they are due to be murdered they attacked the guards, 802 prisoners attempted to escape from the Auschwitz camp of which 144 of them managed to escape. 
The fates of the 331 remains unknown. 

If someone managed to escape, the guards would pick ten 10 people at random and starve them to death. 
The Sonderkommandos were called the worst murderers.

The fact that the character is part of the prisoners makes him regret it and haunted by it because it shows some sort of betrayal and disloyalty to his inmates.

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  1. SONDERKOMMANDOS! Wow, I had no idea about this role, Anass - the 'worst murderers'... this is perfect - and awful. I think the Sonderkommandos is a really nuanced, complex 'executioner' character... well-researched, Anass.