Thursday, 27 February 2014

Adaptation Part B: Visual Influence and Style

These are my influences for now, showing some of Drobohych city pictures in which Bruno Schulz was born, as well as other images from Dr Caligari's that inspire in terms of their expressionism.

The second visual map will help me set the mood and colour palette, the use of light, reflection and colours I want to incorporate in my set.

Concerning the style of the set and its compositions, I have looked at Marcus Jansen, a former American combat soldier who became a leading contemporary painter known for his gritty urban landscape paintings since 1990s.
The abstract expressionist style really caught my eye. Besides the painterly and collage techniques he uses, the smart use of the space gives the viewer an overall mood of the composition but still "sweeps the eye" around the painting through the use of details and mark making.

Next step is doing some collages to apply these styles and work on the composition of the set.

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  1. yes - love the Jansen approach - exciting! :) Speed paint your way to greatness, Anass - "show me the money!" :D