Friday, 7 February 2014

Adaptation: Infographic- The Timeline of a Smile and Making of


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  1. Feedback;

    I like your choice of subject. It’s a great choice that demonstratesyou do have good instincts around concept – A good script and voiceover too as a result. However, I’m not convinced by your art direction, the objects placements on screen and their ‘light nature’ makes your work less communicative (particularly the text/ animated elements) – It feels like we’re watching it at a distance, through binoculars. Simply put the graphical style and the restricted use of the screen is blocking the communication instead of enhancing it. Interestingly at the pitch your most ‘underplayed’ idea was your best idea which illustrates a bit of a lack of confidence, I think this is true of your graphics too – They could have been bolder, stronger, and more proactive in ‘shouting out’ the information.

    For Adaptation Part B and future projects;

    Anass - There is nothing wrong with your ideas and your creative work except it often feels ‘hidden’ and ‘light’ as opposed to confident and controlled. For Adaptation part B I would suggest focusing on developing this aspect of your work – There is no one piece of direction I can give you on how to do this in this written feedback but through tutorials there will be more nuanced ways to help you in this regard. Be bold.