Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Unit4: Fantastic Voyage- Interactive Quiz idea

Interactive/Interactivity: In computers, it's the dialog that happens between a human being and a computer program, which means, programs that run with the interaction of the user or his involvement.
The hypertexts that link you to other pages are the most common form of interactivity

Quiz: is a form of game or mind sport in which the participants should answer the questions correctly. In some countries, a Quiz is also a brief assessment used for education purposes to measure one's knowledge, skills/abilities.

My animation will be presented as an interactive Quiz format, which means the presenter will ask the students questions about the Eukaryotic cell cycle and give them answers to choose from, the participant will have the opportunity to choose the right answer by clicking on a small text/annotation linked to another video. If the participant gets the right answer, the animation will play and show the type of the cycle mentioned( for example, G1 or S-phase.. ) if not, the presenter will verbally correct the answer and let the animation play to show the right answer/cycle.

I will also have voiceover which will put the participant in a real TV Quiz competition "vibes"

This way, the animation will be very educational and more enjoyable.

After a talk with Tutor Phil, I got some very useful references for my Quiz idea, for instance the interactive concept (Singing Hedgehogs from Bird box Studio)

I found another useful reference:

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