Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Unit4: Fantastic Voyage- Abstract Photography Research

Concerning the style/textures for my animation, I am going for Retro/Vintage abstract art style. I thought about experimenting with abstract photographs and manipulating them on Photoshop using different filters to give them this retro/vintage look/feel.

But before starting the experiment, I have done a research about abstract photography, its purpose, techniques and its composition.

Abstract photography is defined as photography that:

doesn't represent the subject in a literal way, communicates primarily through form, color and curve rather than the image detail.

Abstract photography communicates to the viewer primarily through his emotions and this is an advantage for the abstract form as the human emotional system is much more powerful than his logical system.

In addition to that, there is a very strong reaction from the human perceptual system to colors, forms and curves, it is not only psychological but also wired to the human neurological and mental system as the human visual system responds very strongly to some colors, curves and shapes as well.

On further research, I have noticed that did not have to be unrecognizable.

There are 3 essentials to abstract photography:

Form: This means the shape of the objects, choosing objects that have interesting, dynamic and pleasing shapes is crucial. We must remember that abstract photography is an instinctual art form to which people respond emotionally and not logically, this means it is necessary to find objects with forms that create emotional reactions.

Colour: The colour play a very important role in terms of grabbing the viewer's attention as well as stimulating the viewer's perceptual system. There are many ways of using colors to produce dynamic images, for instance using contrasting colours.

Curves/ Center of interest: Curves help by controlling the viewer's eyes through an image and direct the viewer's eyes to the point of interest. Even if there's no center of interest. the curves are helpful and effective in terms of attracting the viewer's attention.

Concerning the composition of the picture, we can choose to follow the rule of thirds in which the point of interest should be located where the dividing lines cross or we can ignore the rule.

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