Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Adaptation Part B: Modeling progress

As I was unsure about how distorted the buildings should be, I have a talk with Phil about it and  was told to keep them as they are in order to avoid confusing once the scene is textured..
So I tried to apply a subtle bending to the assets and trying to keep the style consistent and minimum. These are some quick renders to show the modeling progress:

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  1. Great stuff, Anass! Keeping it simpler is definitely the way forward - and likewise with your texturing; you won't want to use an over-complication of too fussy textures, because it might create a 'white noise' effect - too much visual business. Remember - it's 'theatre' not film, so you can afford to keep things loose in terms of texturing - and even a little illustrative; look to your collages for level. I'm also looking forward to seeing you put a 'backdrop' behind this scene now - commit to that element now, because I think it will help you understand the texturing approach to the physical set. Keep going, Anass - it's looking lovely and 'Jiri Barta'! :D