Thursday, 10 April 2014

Adaptation Part B: Lighting tests

 These are some initial renders, trying to set a night time lighting:


  1. Hey Anass :)

    Don't forget about the idea of lighting your scene with lights that are 'outside' the frame - so for example, imagining that there are buildings on the opposite side of this street/square, and that they're casting light and shadow into your scene; I think this would be particularly effective in terms of adding interest to your floor plane - as lights from unseen buildings cast shadows across the cobbles; and remember too what we talked about in terms of using theatrical approaches to your lighting, principally the idea of the Gobo:

    A gobo is a cut-out put over a spot-light, that then projects its image onto the wall or floor of a stage-set; it's used to imply scenery that isn't actually seen or built; for example, your lanterns could create very exaggerated shadows on the floors (that they otherwise wouldn't make in terms of Maya lighting), which could be created in this way; likewise, the idea of having rows of irregular windows from the 'unseen' side of your street, casting dramatic and expressionistic shadows across the cobbles etc. You should also look at film noir as a genre in terms of helping you light expressionistically and dramatically: