Thursday, 23 January 2014

Adaptation: Infographic- Script.v1

Following a problem on Scribd, failing to upload my script PDF, I will post it here:

The smile is just like, uh, let's see, a house? no, no,
no, an undercover agent? Nooooo.
Em, how about an iceberg?
hm, yeah, the small visible part of the iceberg is the
smile but what's hidden is the most interesting part.

Before we smile a few things happen between 0.3s and

First, we sense, hear or see something and this take form
of an information.
Secondly, This information goes to the Temporal lobe in
which it gets processed.

Lateralisation occurs, this means, the left and right
temporal lobe communicate to absorb information such as
visual memories, sensory input and emotions.

Thirdly, this information gets planned and executed in a
Neural network called the Extrapyradimal system.

Alright, we are nearly ready to smile now.
I bet you are smiling already.

After the execution is done, the facial nerve transports a
signal to the face, more specifically, the Zygomaticus
Major and the Orbicularis Oculli.
Here we go, ready?

Finally, the corners of the mouth and cheeks are pulled
and the muscles around the eyes wrinkle.

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