Thursday, 23 January 2014

Adaptation: Infographic- Inital drawings/designs

Concerning my idea of the illusion, these drawings will make it a bit clearer:
The iceberg morphs into a face of an old man, in which the bottom bit of his face is the brain of the "real character" this is to show that the brain is the hidden part of the iceberg which will be explored, but the visible part which is the face ( Smile) is the brain of the old man, so his face will be then flipped 180 degrees in order for the drawing to make sense.

As I am going for a minimalist approach, I tried to experiment with the pen tool but found out I did not remember how to use it properly, so I have used the lasso tool just to quickly get an idea of the overall design, but I will go back to the pen tool for future designs.

I have also used one of my picture as a reference to understand what I need to include in the design in order to show a "Duchenne smile", meaning a real smile, in which the muscles around the eye wrinkle.

A quick study to understand the muscles involved in the smile:

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